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 Model Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A

Dual-Channel, 120V 2x16A, Field Programmable, Over-exited Magnetic Clutch and Brake Controller, with 2 Independent Positive Trigger Pulses, Optically Isolated Control Input, RS232 Port, and with Integrated Finned Heat Sink





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 Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A Features:

Power Semiconductors: Two 120A MOSFETs
Max. Continuous Current: 2x16A with  Heat Sink (as shown).
Max. Current for 5sec: 60A for each coil with Heat Sink (as shown).
Overall Dimensions: 2.4" x 2.3" x 1.7" (61 x 58 x43mm).
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

  Two Inductive Loads (Coils) are turned on/off  in a Field Programmable 12 step time-sequence.

  Wide-range of Over-Excitation Coil-Pulses can be used to optimize  the response time of Magnetic Clutch and Brake systems.

 Load-Voltage rise and Fall-time: 10 micro Sec (10% to 90% load-levels).

  Two Jumper Selectable Operating Modes (J1): J1=Open=Program-Mode, J1=Short=Run-Mode.

Trigger Inputs I1 and I2 (CN4): A positive-edge (0V to +5V) trigger events initiates the Clutch (on I1) or Brake (on I2) sequence in Run- Mode (J1=Short).

RS232 Programming Port (CN4): Programming commands and parameter strings are entered using the pin I1; and the ASCII display response is observed on pin I2 of port CN4 in Program Mode (J1=Open).

Load Isolation: The Load or coil must be isolated from the source pin -P.

Voltage Requirement: A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated) with any voltage value from 45V to 120V (for Vp). The voltage Vp depends on the over-excitation pulse amplitude required.

  High Power-Efficiency: 98.5% typical, at 120V and 20A

On Board:
Filter Capacitors
VTS diodes
Snubbing Circuits are included


 Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120-2x16A-2TOI1 , Spec Sheet  (PDF)

The Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A is a Dual-Channel, Field Programmable, Over-exited Magnetic Clutch and Brake Controller with two independent positive-edge trigger inputs that drives two Solenoid coils operating with a single 45V to 120V DC power-supply at a maximum coil-current of 16A each. An initial Over-excitation pulse applied to a magnetic Clutch or Brake coil improves the response time of these devices. Typical over-excitation pulse amplitude is: 3 to 4 times the normal operating coil voltage value; and the over-excitation pulse duration is 1 to 2 times the pull-in time value of the magnetic devise. A magnetic Clutch-Brake timing diagram with 6 timing parameter for each coil is shown on Fig. 1. In the “Run–Mode”, with Jumper J1 pins short circuited (J1=Short) the controller waits for an active high (0 to +5V) Trigger event to occur on pin I1 or on I2 of port CN4. A single Clutch and Brake cycle is initiated by two short trigger pulses applied these pins (one for the Clutch sequence on I1 and a second for the Brake sequence on I2 (with pulse duration less than Clutch-Brake cycle time) and repeated cycles are produced by a long active low pulse. In both cases, an active high trigger edge (0 to +5V transition) on I1 or I2 is synchronized to the onset of a Clutch or Brake sequence.  In the “Program-Mode”, with Jumper J1 pins open-circuited (J1=Open) the Clutch-Brake Parameters are interactively entered into a nonvolatile memory using ASCII character strings. Each delay-time parameter string entered covers a time-span of 0 to 420ms in 10 micro sec steps. The string format is variable in length ranging from 1 to 5 decimal numbers (0,…,9) and the last character entered is always a Carriage-Return (CR). A typical interactive program sequence output with program prompts is shown on Fig. 2. These parameter strings and programming commands are entered using the pin I1 and the ASCII display response is observed on pin I2 of port CN4. This port uses a modified version of the RS232 serial-data communication standard, where the output-voltage (on pin I2, CN4) ranges from 0 to +5V (rather than the usual -12V to +12V). In addition, this output pin is normally an open circuit and it will only output a serial TTL binary bit-stream when a proper response is required. The serial data input-voltage (on pin I1, CN4) has the standard range of -12V to +12V. The serial data-format is: 9600 Baud Rate, 1 Start-Bit, 8 Data-Bits, 1 Stop-Bit, and no Parity-Bit. This board requires a single 45V to 120V DC power source (unregulated and unfiltered) at a 0A to 16A max. current range to operate normally with a wide range of inductive loads (coils or Solenoids). The switching FETs are optically isolated from the control pins. Snubbing circuits and filter capacitors are included to suppress inductive switching transients. An onboard LED (red) is used to monitor each load-voltage. A small (2.4”x2.3”x0.45”) integrated finned heat sink is included with mounting hardware (as shown on the photograph) to operate at 2x16A or 2x1920W power levels. Higher power-levels can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. Please click on this link and read the Board Mounting Instructions and Heat Sink Selection Guide. Typical applications are: Inductive-Plunger Driver, Precision Cutters, etc.

 A Typical Application of the Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A

In this 90V Over-exited Magnetic Clutch and Brake application, two 24V, 1A coils are driven by this controller. The program parameters are entered by a PC computer using the Microsoft Hyper Terminal Program. The Magnetic Clutch and Brake can be purchase from Ogura Industries:


Fig. 1, Timing Diagram of the Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A in Run-Mode (J1=Short)


Fig. 2, Parameter Listing of the Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A in Program-Mode (J1=Open)

N=1   Si7-FPOexCBCIP2-2TOI1

  Type p to Program, P to List and Esc when Finished


  The Current Parameters are:

  PWM Cycle: 1Step=1Cycle, Time Values: 1Step=10uS

       Clutch Start Delay Time = 00010

     Clutch Over Excite Time = 00020

      Clutch Low PWM Time = 00030

     Clutch High PWM Time = 00040

   Clutch Num PWM Cycles = 00050

       Clutch End Delay Time = 00060

       Brake Start Delay Time = 00070

      Brake Over Excite Time = 00080

       Brake Low PWM Time = 00090

       Brake High PWM Time = 00100

    Brake Num PWM Cycles = 00110

        Brake End Delay Time = 00120

   Type p to Program, P to List and Esc when Finished

 Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A , Dual-Channel, 120V 2x16A, Field Programmable, Over-exited Magnetic Clutch and Brake Controller,
Price $289.00

Note: If Buying the Si7FPOexCBCIP2-120V-2x16A, it is recommended to buy one optional Si25-DB9cable1 , Network Accessory .

Si25-DB9cable1 , 1m long Network Cable Assembly with 9-pin female DB9  connector.
Price $19.00

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