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 Model Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A  

Smart, Dual, 50V 2x16A Solenoid Driver, with Fixed Initial Load-Current Boost followed by a Current Reduction, and with Integrated Finned Heat Sink





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 Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A Features:
Power Semiconductors: Two 60A MOSFETs
Max. Continuous
Current: 16A each, with Heat Sink shown
Max. Current for 5 Sec: 40A each, with Heat Sink shown 
Overall Dimensions: 2.4" x 2.3" x 2.2" (61 x 58 x56mm).
Integrated Finned Heat Sink with 4-40 Standoffs and Screws
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

  A two Inductive Loads (Coils or Solenoids) are turned on or off independently by two digital control voltages VI1,G and VI2,G  

  A load current is off (zero) when its corresponding control voltage is: 0< VIn,G<2.5V and the load current is on (20A max.) when 2.5V< VIn,G<5V.  The Initial Load Current is max. (or 100% PWM) for 100ms time duration (Current Boost), followed by a  load-current reduction to 50% (or 50% PWM).

 Two User Selectable PWM Carrier  Frequencies:  20kHz when CN3 is open and 5kHz when short.

  High Power-Efficiency: 98.5% typical, at 50V and 16A

On Board:
Filter Capacitors
VTS diodes
Snubber Circuit Ready
Voltage Requirement:
A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated) with any voltage value from 9V to 50V (for Vp)


 Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A-6T1 Spec Sheet  (PDF)

The Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A is a “Smart” Dual, 50V 2x16A Solenoid Driver with Fixed Load-Current Boost/Reduction and with integrated finned heat sink. The words "Fixed Boost/Reduction" implies that after a coil is prompted, 100% PWM Load-Current is used with that coil for 100msec (Boost) and after this time, the PWM is reduced to 50% (the Time Duration and Reduction Factor is Fixed). The initial current boost is required to increase the pull-in force of the solenoid coil with an iron plunger, while the current reduction prevents overheating. An onboard microprocessor generates a 5kHz or 20kHz PWM carrier signal, controls the boost-time/reduction-factor, and monitors the control inputs (at 2kHz sampling rate). The PWM carrier frequency is user selectable by the jumper CN3, 20kHz when CN3 is open and 5kHz when short. The high frequency PWM rate provides a smooth plunger control and insures a quiet coil environment. Two independent digital control voltages VI1,G  and VI2,G  (0 to 25V) are used  that turn two coil-currents on or off. The digital control inputs are zener-diode protected and each requires only 1mA input current (at VIn,G=5V) to turn a load current fully on. Each load current is off (zero) when its corresponding control voltage VIn,G  is:  0< VIn,G<2.5V and the load current is fully on  when 2.5V< VIn,Gr<25V. This board requires a single 9V to 50V DC power source (unregulated and unfiltered) at a 0A to 40A current range to operate normally with a wide range of inductive loads (coils or Solenoids). Snubbing circuits and filter capacitors are included to suppress inductive switching transients. Two onboard LEDs (red and green) are used to monitor the load-voltages. A small (2.3”x2.4”x0.95”) finned integrated heat sink is included with mounting hardware (as shown on the photograph) to operate at 2x16A or 1600W power levels. Higher power-levels (50V, 2x20A or 2000W) can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. Please click on this link and read the Board Mounting Instructions and Heat Sink Selection Guide. Typical applications are: Dual Inductive-Plunger Driver, SPDT Solid State Relay, etc. This board can be configured to perform efficiently in many customized applications.

Average Coil-Current Waveform as a Function of Control Signal (VI1,G or VI2,G)

A Typical Application of the Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A

In this dual application, two high-current (each at max of: 16A, 50V) inductive loads (coils or solenoids) are independently turned on and off by the Digital Control Voltages (coil 1 by VI1,G and coil 2 by VI2,G). A load current is off (zero) when its corresponding control voltage VIn,G is: 0< VIn,G<2.5V and the load current is on when 2.5V< VIn,G<25V.


Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A, Smart Dual Solenoid Driver with Integrated Heat Sink, 2 DC Loads at 50V, 2x16A
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