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 Model Si5SD1-50V-20A 

Single, 50V 20A Solenoid Driver with Integrated Heat Sink





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 Si5SD1-50V-20A Features:
Power Semiconductors: One 60A MOSFET
Max. Continuous Current: 20A with Heat Sink as shown.
Max. Current for 5 sec: 40A with Heat Sinks as shown.
Overall Dimensions: 2.4" x 2.3" x 1.75" (61 x 58 x44mm).
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

  A single Inductive Load (Coil or Solenoid) is turned on  or off by a digital control voltage VI1,G

  The load current is off (zero) when 0< VI1,G<2.5V and the load current is on (20A max.) when 2.5V< VI1,G<5V

  High Power-Efficiency: 98.5% typical, at 50V and 20A

On Board:
Filter Capacitors
VTS diodes
Snubber Circuit Ready
Voltage Requirement:
A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated) with any voltage value from 9V to 50V (for Vp)


 Si5SD1-50V-20A Spec Sheet  (PDF)

The Si5SD1-50V-20A is a Single, 50V 20A Solenoid Driver with an integrated heat sink that uses a digital control voltage VI1,Gr (0 to 5V) to turn a load-current on or off. This board requires a single 6V to 50V DC power source (unregulated and unfiltered) at a 0A to 20A current range to operate normally with a wide range of inductive loads (coils or Solenoids). The digital control input (I1) is zener-diode protected and requires only 2mA input current (at VI1,G=5V) to turn  the load current fully on. The load current is off (zero) when 0< VI1,G<2.5V and the load current is fully on (max.) when 2.5V< VI1,G<5V. Snubbing circuits and filter capacitors are included to suppress inductive switching transients. An onboard LED (red) is used to monitor the load-voltage. A small (2.3”x2.4”x0.45”) finned integrated heat sink is included with mounting hardware (as shown on the photograph) to operate at 20A or 600W power levels. Higher power-levels (30V, 30A or 900W) can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. Please click on this link and read the Board Mounting Instructions and Heat Sink Selection Guide. Typical applications are: Inductive-Plunger Driver, SPST Solid State Relay, etc. This board can be configured to perform efficiently in many customized applications.

A Typical Application of the Si5SD1-50V-20A

In this application, a high-current (20A at 50V) inductive load (coil or solenoid) is turned on and off by the Digital Control Voltage VI1,G. The load current is off (zero) when 0< VI1,G <2.5V and the load current is on (max.) when 2.5V< VI1,G<5V.


Si5SD1-50V-20A Single Solenoid Diver with Integrated Heat Sink, 1 DC Load at 50V, 20A
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