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Model Si4UdPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A 

  12-Bit, Field Configurable, Unidirectional, Thermo-Electric (TE), Proportional-Integral (PI), Temperature Controller with RS232 LCD Port, Centigrade or Fahrenheit Display Scales and with Analog or Digital Control Inputs for Heating-only or Cooling-only Applications





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 Si4UdPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A Features:

Field Programmable: Configuration and PI parameters are selected in the programming mode and stored in nonvolatile memory.

PI Temperature Control: 12-Bit Proportional and Integral (PI) Temperature Controller in the -500C to +1250C Range with 0.0650C  steps on 1 Load. Heat-only or Cool-only (but not both at the same time) Control.

User Selectable Control Parameters:  A jumper (J2) is used to select the Programming Mode (J2 Open) or the Running Mode (J2 Short).

Analog or Digital Set-Temperature Inputs:  The Set-Temperature is adjustable with an onboard  25-Turn Potentiometer in the Analog  Configuration and with Up/Down-keys in the Digital Configuration.

One Digital Temperature Sensor:  A Digital Temperature Sensor with 0.06250C Resolution and 1/20C Accuracy  in the -250C to +1020C  Range, and approx.  10C Accuracy in the -550C to +1250C  Range.

Temperature Sampling Rate:  The temperature is sampled at approximately 1Hz rate and the control-loop/display is updated with this same rate.

An Optional LCD Port: For Set and Measured Temperature Display.

Alarm Kill Switch: In the Run-Mode, a normally open switch (or an Open Collector npn Transistor) can be connected to jumper J1 (as shown below), J1 Open=Normal operation, J1 Short=Load (TE Cell) is open.

PWM Load Control: One 80A MOSFET is used to PI control the load power (to a Valves , TE cells, etc)  using 750 Hz Pulse-Width Modulation.

High Power-Efficiency: 98.5% typical, at 26V and 10A

Voltage Requirement: A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated ) with any voltage value from 9V to 26V DC (for Vp) at 16A max.

Max Operating Temperature: +450C , Without Heat Sink, as shown.
Load Power: 416W at 26V, 16A.
Overall Dimensions: L=2.6", W=0.9",H=0.75" (66 x 23 x 19mm).
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

On Board: Filter Capacitors, Voltage Transient Suppression (VTS) diodes, Onboard Load-Current  Indicator LED (Red).



    Download the  Si4UdTEPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A-3T3  Manual


The Si4UdTEPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A is a 26V 16A, microprocessor based, closed-loop, Field-Configurable, 12-Bit, Unidirectional, Thermo-Electric (TE), Proportional-Integral (PI) Temperature Controller board. Changing from a heating-only to a cooling-only configuration (or from cooling to heating) is accomplished by powering OFF the unit, reversing the Thermo-Electric (TE) cell wires, and after powering ON the unit, a configuration parameter in the controller must be changed. An efficient high-power MOSFET controls the average current to the TE cell using 750Hz carrier frequency Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM). By PI control, we mean that the amount of correction used in the PWM control-loop is proportional to the difference and the Integral of the difference between the set and measured temperature values. In a properly tuned PI controller, the temperature overshoots and oscillations (“hunting”) are limited to approximately + or - 0. 50C. An onboard microprocessor measures and controls the temperature, monitors the user inputs, and drives a 2 line x 16 character LCD. The temperature is sampled at approximately 1Hz rate and the control-loop/display is updated with the same rate.  A small 12-bit digital temperature sensor, Signal’s part number Si24DTsens-12B , (connected to port CN4) is used to measure and control the temperature in the -500C to +1250C range, with 10 C accuracy; and with 0C accuracy in the -250C to +1020C range, with 0.0650 C precision. Because this sensor is digital, it is virtually immune to noise and loading; ideally, suited for remote sensing. This sensor uses a unique “1-wire interface” (in parasite power mode) that requires only 2-conductors for reliable remote (typical length of 20 meters) temperature sensing. The jumper J2 is used to select the Configuration Mode (J2 Open) or the Running Mode (J2 Short). In the Configuration Mode, a set of control-parameters are selected (or the Board is Configured); and in the Running Mode, the configured parameters are executed. In the Analog Configuration, the desired set-temperature is linearly adjusted (in the -250C=0V to +1020C=+5V range, with 0 C=19.68mV steps) with a 25-Turn Onboard potentiometer. In the Digital Configuration, the desired set-temperature is adjusted with the Up/Down Keys (Si15PB2-OC3 , two Normally-Open Push Buttons, connected to Port J3) in the -500C to +1250C range, with 0.0650 C steps. An LCD port with user selectable Centigrade or Fahrenheit Display scale (with 9600 Baud RS232 Interface Standard) is provided for Set and Measured temperature display. The LCD can be ordered from Signal under part number Si14LCD2L16CH-3PC  (2-Line by 16-Char display with 12” cable and 3-pin connectors, and with back-light). A red LED is used to monitor the TE cell (or load) voltage. This board operates with a single unregulated voltage source (9V to 26V range). This board can be configured and programmed to perform efficiently in many customized applications.

A Typical Application of the Si4UdTEPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A

In this 12-bit, closed-loop, PI temperature control application; and in the Analog Mode, the Set-Temperature is linearly adjusted with the board mounted 25-Turn potentiometer. In the Digital Mode, the Set-Temperature is adjusted with the Si15PB2-OC3 Up/Down Keys (connected to port J3). The Peltier type Thermo-Electric (TE) cell is functioning as a heat-pump; operating with 24VDC (unregulated) at 16A max. The temperature of the enclosed and insolated Hot/Cold Environment is measured with the Si24DTsens-12B Digital Sensor with 12” leads and connector. The LCD module can be ordered from Signal with part number Si14LCD2L16CH-3PC  (2x16 display with 12” cable, 3-pin connectors, and with back-light). A wide variety of Linear and Switching-Type Power Supplies can be purchased from:   Warning:  The connecting wires to the Load and the Power Supply must be heavy gauge copper wire (#12 AWG or heavier) to handle the rated current level. In addition, these heavy gauge wires act as a heat sink, protecting the board from overheating.

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Si4UdTEPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A,  Field-Programmable, 12-Bit, Thermo-Electric  PI Temperature Controller, 26V, 16A.
Price $99.00

Note: If Buying the Si4UdTEPITC1-FC12B-26V-16A, it is recommended to buy one Si24DTsens-12B Digital Sensor and one or more Accessories .

Si24DTsens-12B , 12-bit Digital Thermometer ( -550C to +1250C Range, in 0.0650C Steps) with 12" leads and 3pin Molex Connector. 
Price $39.00
Optional Si14LCD2L16CH-3PC  2 Line by 16 Character LCD with 12" long cable and 3-pin connectors.  
Price $59.00
Si24PB2-OC3   Two Push-Buttons with 12" lead and with a 3-pin Open Connector.
Price $29.00

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