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Model Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4

 Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4, 30V 20A High-Frequency H-Bridge, with 2-Phase Active High Control Inputs and with Integrated Finned Heat-Sink for 2-Phase DC Brushless Motors, Y-Chip  





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Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4 Features:

Efficient H-Bridge: for Bidirectional Current Control
Directional Control:
2-Phase, Active High TTL (0 to +5V) Inputs
Max. Current for 5 sec : 40A with Proper Heat-Sink Installed
Max. Continuous Current: 20A with Proper Heat-Sink

 Maximum H-Bridge Latency to a Control Input: 3.5 ms

  Maximum Control-Signal Frequency: 2kHz, or Tmin = 0.5ms

Control-Signal Duty-cycle, t/T:  0.1< t/T <0.4

Coil Discharge-Time (Motor Coil is short-circuited): 20 ms

Load Isolation: The Load or Motor must be isolated from the source voltage (VP).

High Power-Efficiency: 98.5% typical, at 50V and 20A
Optically Isolated Directional Control Signals
Power Semiconductors: Four 90A Hex-MOSFETs
Dim: L=3.95, W=3.65, H=1.7 inch (L=100, W=93, H=42 mm ).
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

On Board:
Filter Capacitors
VTS diodes
Snubber Circuit Ready
  Bicolor LED Indicator,  (red=forward,  green= reverse)

Voltage Requirement:
A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated and Unfiltered) with any voltage value from 9V to 30V (for Vp)

Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4-1Y1,  Spec Sheet  (PDF)

The Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4 is a 30V 20A, microprocessor based, high-power, High-Frequency, H-Bridge with a 2-Phase Active High Control and with a small (4.0”x3.6”x0. 55”) Integrated Finned Aluminum Heat Sink. This controller uses a single (9V to 30V at 0 to 20A) DC power supply to control the speed of a 2-Phase Brushless DC motor (or Inductive Load) in forward or reverse direction. Two active high control signals VI1,G  and VI2,G (shown on the Timing Diagram) are required on pins I1 and I2 on connector CN6 (shown on the application diagram) to control the motor speed.  These 2-phase control signals are always out of phase by 180o (I2 lags I1 by 180o) independent of the period T (where the minimum period is 0.5ms).  The Pulse Duration t of each control input is: 0.1T<t<0.4T and the duty-cycle (t/T) controls the average load-current in the forward or reverse direction.  An onboard microprocessor follows (or mirrors) these control signals (VI1,G  and VI2,G ) and generates the necessary timing signals to the High-Power, High-Frequency H-Bridge; controlling  the motor-current (coil-current) in the forward and reverse direction. The fast-acting H-bridge conducts current in the forward direction long as control input I1 is in a high state (VI1,G = +5V). Similarly, H-bridge conducts current in the reverse direction long as control input I2 is in a high state (VI2,G = +5V). After each conduction cycle, inductive load (motor coil) is short circuited for 20ms discharging the stored energy in the motor coil. The H-bridge operates in the open-circuit mode for the remaining part of each cycle. The fast-acting H-bridge responds to control changes within 3.5ms, producing load-voltage rise and fall-times of 4ms.  All inputs are optically isolated or zener-diode protected. A bicolor LED is used to monitor the motor (or load) voltage (Red = Forward, Green = Reverse). A small (4.0”x3.6”x0.55”) integrated Finned Aluminum Heat-Sink is used to operate at 20A current levels. Higher current-levels (25A or 750W) can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. Please click on this link and read the Board Mounting Instructions and Heat Sink Selection Guide. This board operates in a wide voltage-range (9V to 30V) at max. continuous load-current of 20A. Typical applications are: 2-Phase Brushless DC Motor-Speed Controller, Differential Coil Driver, etc.

Input Control Timing Diagram, (I1, I2 Pins are on Connector CN6)


A Typical Application of the Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4

 In this open-loop, 2-Phase control application (as shown below) the inductive load-current (in forward or reverse direction) is controlled by the input signals VI1,G and VI1,G connected to  pins I1 and I2 on CN6. Warning:  The connecting wires to the Load and the Power Supply must be heavy gauge copper wire (#12 AWG or heavier) to handle the rated current level. In addition, these heavy gauge wires act as a heat sink, protecting the board from overheating.

Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4, Smart H-Bridge with variable of fixed ramp-time and with Aluminum Plate Heat Sink  
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