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Model Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A 

  12-Bit, 26V, 16A, Field Configurable, Bi-directional, Thermo-Electric Temperature-Range Controller with 1 TE Cell Port, 12-Bit Digital Sensor Port, Serial LCD Port, and a Configuration Port





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Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A Features:
Field Configurable Proportional Temperature Controller
Efficient H-Bridge for Bidirectional Current Control
12-Bit Temperature Control with 0.0650C Steps, in the -500C to +1200C Range
Set-Temperature Limits are Adjust with Up and Down Keys with
10C Steps
One Digital Temperature Sensor:  A Digital Temperature Sensor with 0.06250C Resolution and 1/20C Accuracy  in the -100C to +800C  Range, and approx.  10C Accuracy in the -550C to +1250C  Range.

Sampling Rate:  The temperature is sampled at approximately 1Hz rate; and the control-loop and display are updated with this same rate.

User Adjustable Temperature Bias:  A temperature bias (spanning the range of – 3C to +3C in steps of 0.0625C) can be added to the measured temperature.

RS232 LCD Port: For Set and Measured Temperature Display. 

Alarm Kill Switch: A normally open switch (or an Open Collector npn Transistor) can be connected to jumper J1 (as shown below), J1 Open=Normal operation, J1 Short=Load (TE Cell) is open. The active pin on J1 is pulled to +5V through a 4.7k Ohm resistor, while the other pin (G) is at ground.

With AP1 Aluminum Plate as  Heat Sink
Power Semiconductors: Four 90A Hex-MOSFETs
Max Board Dimensions: Length=2.8”, Width=2.6”, Height=0.9” Inch, (L=71, W=66, H=22 mm).
Components Type: 100% Solid State, NO Relays

On Board:
Filter Capacitors
VTS diodes
Bicolor LED Indicator,  (Red=Hot, Green=Cold)

Voltage Requirement:
A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated ) with any voltage value from 9V to 26V (for Vp)

 For Details, Download the  Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A-2Y2 ,  Manual


The Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A is a  microprocessor based, 26V, 16A, Field Configurable, Bi-directional, Thermo-Electric, Temperature-Range Controller board that heats or cools a thermal-zone (using one Thermo-Electric (TE) cell) whenever the measured temperature (MT) is outside of a user-selectable temperature Limit Range (specified by L1,..L4). An efficient onboard high-power H-bridge controls the current (in the 0 to +/- 16A range) to a Peltier type Thermo-Electric (TE) cell, functioning as a bi-directional heat-pump. The temperature is measured with a 12-bit digital sensor and controlled with 0.06250C steps in the -550C to +1250C range. This controller has two operating modes: Run-Mode and Configuration-Mode. In the “Run–Mode”, with Jumper J3 pins short circuited (J3=Short), the board functions as a Bi-directional Temperature-Range Controller. The control action is defined on Figure1. Note that there are 4 Field Programmable Temperature Limit Values (L1, L2, L3, L4) used to control the heating/cooling action of the thermo-electric (TE) cell. The control action includes a low-side (L1 to L2) region and a high-side (L3 to L4) region. These are Hysteresis regions, preventing excessive temperature-control chatter.

Control Action of the Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A

Figure 1

In the Configuration-Mode, with Jumper J3 pins open-circuited (J3=Open), the four Temperature Limit Values (L1, L2, L3, L4), Heat PWM value, Cold PWM value, and the Temperature Bias (Tbias) value are interactively programmed using the UP/Down Keys (connected to CN4) and the Next-Key (connected to J2). These seven programmable Parameters are listed in Table 1 (shown below).

Configuratio Steps: Step1: Power Down and Pull jumper J3.  Step2: Power ON and Increment or Decrement a Parameter Value (Displayed on the LCD) using the Up/Down Keys (on CN4) and go to the NEXT value by applying a momentary short circuit to Jumper J2 (Next-Key). The new Parameter value will be saved in nonvolatile memory. Step3: Power OFF after the last parameter is entered and insert J3.  Step4: Power ON and the unit is in the Run Mode.

Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A Control Parameter Format, Table 1

Parameter Name

Parameter Range

Default Value

Lower Temp Limit, L1

L1 Range = -55 to +125,  One Step = 1C

27 C

Lower Hysteresis  Limit, L2

L2 Range = -55 to +125,  One Step = 1C

29 C

Upper Hysteresis Limit, L3

L3 Range = -55 to +125,  One Step = 1C

31 C

Upper Temp Limit, L4

L4 Range = -55 to +125,  One Step = 1C

33 C

Heat PWM Value, HePWM

HePWM Range = 1 to 120,  One Step = 0.83%


Cold PWM Value, CoPWM

CoPWM Range = 1 to 120,  One Step = 0.83%


Temp Bias, Tbias

Tbias Range = -127 to +128 (1 Step=+/-0.0626C)

0.00 C

 In the Run-Mode, the temperature is sampled at approximately 1Hz rate; and the control-loop/display is updated with the same rate.  An optional 2 line by 16 character LCD (Signal’s part number   Si14LCD2L16CH-4PC ) connected to port CN5 is used to display the Limit and Measured Temperature Values. A small 12-bit digital sensor, Signal’s part number Si24DTsens-12B  (connected to port CN3 that uses the Dallas Semi., DS18B20 sensor) is used to measure and control the temperature in the -550C to +1250C range, with 0 C accuracy and 0.06250C precision. Because this sensor is digital, it is virtually immune to noise and loading; ideally suited for remote sensing. This sensor uses a unique “1-wire interface” (with parasite power mode) that requires only 2-conductors for reliable remote (typical length of 20 meters) temperature sensing. This board requires a single 9V to 26V DC power source (unregulated and unfiltered, with 16A max. current output) to operate normally. The high-side H-Bridge FETs are optically isolated from the control pins. Snubbing circuits and filter capacitors are included to suppress inductive switching transients. An onboard bi-color LED (Red=Heat, Green=Cold) is used to monitor the load-voltage. A small aluminum plate (3.3”x4.0”x0.065”) heat sink is recommended (with thermal grease between the four FETs and the plate) to operate at 420W power levels. Higher power-levels can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. Please click on this link and read the Board Mounting Instructions and Heat Sink Selection Guide .

Application Drawing of the Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A

In this 12-bit, temperature-range control application, this controller heats or cools a thermal-zone (using one Thermo-Electric (TE) cell) whenever the measured temperature (MT) is outside of a user-selectable temperature Limit Range (specified by L1 and L4). The Peltier type Thermo-Electric (TE) cell is functioning as a bi-directional heat-pump. It can be purchased from: The temperature of the enclosed and insolated Hot/Cold Environment is measured with the Dallas Semi. DS18B20 Digital Thermometer (in TO-92 casing). This sensor can be purchased from Signal Consulting, LLC as Si24DTsens-12B (DS18B20 with 12” leads and connector). The optional LCD module can be ordered from Signal using the part number of Si14LCD2L16CH-4PC  (2-Line by16-Character display with 16” cable and 4-pin connectors, and with back-light). An inexpensive, unregulated DC power supply design is shown in this application drawing. In addition, a wide variety of linear and switching power supplies can also be used with this board. Consult the most recent catalog on to purchase these power supplies.  Warning:  The connecting wires to the Load and the Power Supply must be heavy gauge copper wire (#12 AWG or heavier) to handle the rated current level. In addition, these heavy gauge wires act as a heat sink, protecting the board from overheating.

 For Details, Download the  Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A-2Y2 ,  Manual


Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A, 12-Bit Digital Thermo-Electric Proportional Temperature Controller.  
Price $179.00

Note: If Buying the Si23BdTETRC1-26V-16A, it is recommended to buy  one Si24DTsens-12B Digital Thermometer, one Si14LCD2L16CH-4PC  2 Line by 16 Character LCD with 12" long  cable and 4-pin Serial Port, and one Si24PB2-MC3 Up and Down Push-Buttons with 12" lead and connector.

Si24DTsens-12B 12-bit Digital Thermometer ( -550C to +1250C Range, in 0.0650C Steps) with 12" leads and 3pin Molex Connector. 
Price $39.00
Si14LCD2L16CH-4PC  2 Line by 16 Character LCD with 12" long cable and 4-pin Serial Port.  
Price $59.00
Si24PB2-MC3   Two Push-Buttons with 12" lead and with a 3-pin FM Molex Connector.  
Price $29.00

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