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 Model Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A

Single Channel, Hybrid, Adjustable Ramp-Time, Power Controller  with LCD Port,

and with 6.2kHz or 25kHz PWM





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 Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A Features:
Power Semiconductor: One 90A MOSFET
Max. Continuous Current: 20A with Heat Sink (as Shown)
Max. Current for 5 sec: 40A with Heat Sink (as Shown)
Overall Dimensions: 61mm x 57mm x 44mm
Integrated Finned Heat Sink with 4-40 Standoffs and Screws  
Component Type: 100% Solid State,  RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant

  Adjustable Load Voltage: The average Load-Voltage is adjustable from 0V to 50V  in  0.83% steps ( or max. value of Vp) with a Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) control signal or with an internal/external potentiometer.

  Adjustable Delay-Time: The Load-current build-up and decay Times are adjustable from 500mS to 25.3s  with a control signal or with an internal/external potentiometer.

  High Power-Efficiency: 97.5% typical, at 50V and 20A

  LCD Output port for %PWM and Ramp-Time Display

On Board:
Filter Capacitors
VTS diodes
Snubber Circuit Ready
Load-Voltage Indicator, LED (red)

Voltage Requirement:
A single DC Source Voltage (unregulated) with any voltage value from 9V to 50V (for Vp)


 Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A-7T1   Spec Sheet  (PDF)

The Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A is a 50V, 20A  single-channel, microprocessor based, Hybrid, Adjustable Ramp-Time, Unidirectional, Power Controller that uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to efficiently control the power flow (or motor speed) to a load, from 0 to 1000W, in 8.33W steps. The motor acceleration and deceleration is adjustable (using the Ramp-Time input) from 500ms to 25.3s in 100ms steps. An onboard microprocessor generates a 6.2kHz or 25kHz PWM carrier signal, controls the load power (or motor speed), monitors the user inputs and selects the motor acceleration delay. An optional “Kill-Switch” or an open-collector npn transistor can be connected to J1 (the active pin, p1 on J1 is pulled to +5V through a 4.7k Ohm resistor while the other pin is connected to terminal -P) to turn off the load-current (or stop the motor) in emergency situations: (J1=Open= Run; J1=Short=Stop). The PWM carrier frequency is user selectable by jumper J2, 25kHz when J2 is open and 6.2kHz when short. The high-frequency PWM rate provides a smooth motor-speed control, and insures a quiet motor environment. As the name hybrid (Hy) implies, the required motor speed (or PWM pulse-duration) and Ramp-Time are derived from a variable analog-voltages (VI1,G ,VI2,G ), while the other control-signals are digital. All analog control inputs are Zener Diode protected. An onboard LED (red) is used to monitor the load voltage. Snubbing circuits and filter capacitors are included to suppress inductive switching transients. A small Finned Heat Sink (2.4”x2.3”x0.45”) is required to operate at 20A current level (or at 1000W power level). Higher current levels (30A) or 1500W power-levels can be achieved with more efficient heat-sinks. This can be accomplished by bolting the heat sink to a larger metal surface. Please click on this link and read the Board Mounting Instructions and Heat Sink Selection Guide. An optional 2-line by 16-character LCD (with 5V, 9600Baud RS232 Interface Standard) is used for Set, Measured and Ramp-Time data display. This board requires a single unregulated 9V to 50V DC power source at 0A to 20A to operate normally. Typical applications are: DC Motor-Speed Controller with variable acceleration/deceleration, LED Light-Dimmer with variable Ramp-Time, etc.

LCD Data Format:  


Sd= Set duty-cycle in %. R= Ramp-time in sec; the time required for the Duty-Cycle to linearly ramp up or down from 0 to 100%.  Md= Measured duty-cycle in %. J=nh. The digit n is a loop-counter that toggles between 0 and 1 on every 16 program-loops. The hex digit h indicates the jumper settings; (h=b3,j2,J1,b0) where the bit b0 and bit b3 are not used and cleared to zero.

A Typical Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A Application

In this 50V open-loop speed-control application, the PWM pulse-duration (or motor-speed) is linearly adjusted by an external 1-turn 5kW pot P1; and efficiently controlling the motor (or load) power in the 0 to 1000W range in 8.33W steps. Similarly, the motor acceleration (or Ramp-Time in the 500 ms to 25.3s range) is linearly adjusted by the Pot P2. This dual potentiometer can be ordered from Signal with part number of Si5Pot2-2x5k. An optional 2-line by 16-character LCD (with 5V, 9600Baud RS232 Interface Standard) is used to display the Set and Measured Duty-Cycles. The LCD with back-light can be ordered from Signal with part number Si14LCD2L16CH. The DC Motor can be purchased from   or, from

Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A, Hybrid Adjustable Ramp-Time Power Controller  
Price $159.00

Note: If Buying the Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A, it is recommended to buy one Si14LC2L16CH-3PC Display, and one Si5Pot2-2x5k potentiometer.

Si14LC2L16CH-3PC  2 Line by 16 Character Serial LCD with 12"  cable and 3-pin connectors.  
Price $59.00
Si5Pot2-2x5k  One 1-Turn, 5kW Potentiometer with 12" leads.  
Price $25.00

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