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 The Si6IROsens  is a small size, reflective, Infra-Red (IR) Object sensor; used as a plug-in accessory with all Signal Consulting, LLC Motor-Controller Boards that requires an external proximity switch for motor start. The approximate detection distance is from 0 to 0.2”. This sensor is manufactured by Fairchild Semiconductors Inc, and can be purchased from using the part number of QRD1114-ND.

This accessory comes with 8” long wires and a small 3-Pin Molex 22-01-3037 Polarized FN Connector is used for quick connectivity.

 For Specification of QRD1114-ND click on Si6IROsens-Spec1-QRD1114






Si6IROsens Infra Red (IR) Reflective Object Sensor, with 8" leads and with 3-Pin Molex 22-01-3037 Connector
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