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Si3HIA-UD  Human-Interface Accessory, Panel Mountable, used with Si23, Si24, Si25, Si26 Boards





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 Si3HIA-UD includes a 2-line by 16-character, transflective serial LCD with back lighting (the Si14LCD2L16CH module), a 5k Ohm 10 Turn Potentiometer and 3-push buttons (Up, Down and Next) mounted on a 3 by 4 inch PCB board. The PC board is panel mountable with protruding push buttons, pot and LCD. This board includes a 12 inch long ribbon cable with 8-pin connectors. Click on the link given below to view  the LCD specifications: Si14LCD2L16CH-Spec1.




Si3HIA-UD    Human-Interface Accessory, Panel Mountable, used with  Si23, Si24, Si25, Si26 Boards
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