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Si18RPMwheel Accessory





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 The Si18RPMwheel is a 45-hole, 2.2” OD, 0.035” thick, fiber-glass Optical Wheel used as an accessory with all Signal Consulting, LLC Motor Controller Boards when digital closed-loop speed control is required. This wheel must be used with the Si18RPsens accessory. These two accessories measure the speed (RMP) of a rotating shaft and provide the feed-back path required to keep the shaft-speed at a constant RPM. The wheel has a center-hole diameter of ” and can be mounted to a hub with four 4-40 screws (on a 0.75” circle). This wheel can be used with many hubs depending on the motor-shaft diameter.   




Si18RPMwheel, PC Encoder Disk,  2" OD,   0.065" thick, with 45 Counting-Hole.
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