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Si18Pot2PB2MC8 Accessory





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 The Si18Pot2PB2MC8 accessory consists of two 10kW potentiometer (P1, P2) and two push buttons PB-black, PB-red) with 12 leads and 8-pin connector. This accessory is used with the Si18HC1x Hybrid-Controller Board (Plugs into CN2/ExK port). The P1 potentiometer (10K Ohm, linear tapered) controls the Set-Value of the temperature.  While P2 potentiometer (10K Ohm, linear tapered) controls the Set-Value of the DC motor speed (RPM). The black push button (PB-black) selects which set-value is used for display (on LCD Line#1). A PB-black push, selects Set-Temperature for display; while a PB-black no-push, selects Set-RPM for display. The red push button (PB-red) selects what is displayed on LCD Line#1.  A PB-red push, selects system configuration for display; while a PB-red no-push, selects set-values (Temperature or RPM depending on PB-black) for display. This accessory includes a 12” long cable (pigtail), and a small 8-Pin Polarized FN Connector (Molex 22-01-3087).   




Si18Pot2PB2MC8,  Two Normally Open Push-Buttons and Two 10kW Pots  with 12" leads and with 8-Pin Molex  22-01-3087 Connector.
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